How does Human Startups’ Affiliate Program Work?

Human Startups provides the easiest and most effective affiliate partnership on the market. Here’s how it works: You create an account using the “create account” button below. Once your account is created you will have unique URL’s that you can post on a website, send to friends, or distribute any way you’d like. When someone purchases after clicking your URL you receive 45% of the sale. Yes, 45%. We offer one of the highest affiliate commissions in the industry because we believe that word of mouth is the best form of marketing. Our courses are the best in the industry and we are happy to share the funds from a sale with those that bring in new customers to Human Startups.

What are the requirements to become an Human Startups Affiliate?

There are no requirements. You can become an affiliate no matter what business you are in or what you do. Some of our affiliates have a website or company of their own and some just want to spread the word about a great program and receive financial benefit for doing so. Either way, if you’re going to recommend a company, why not be rewarded for it? Many of our affiliates make $10k-$20k per month on this type of relationship, all of which has zero cost or overhead to you. Click the button below and you will be able to create your affiliate account and start receiving affiliate commissions immediately.

How And When Do I Receive My Affiliate Commissions?

Every time someone purchases a course after clicking one of your unique URL’s you will automatically see your commission by logging into your affiliate account. You can even view statistics showing your sales on a weekly or monthly basis. Once you want to “cash out” your commissions you can either receive a payment via check or you can get point(s) which you can use to purchase courses from Human Startups. Even if you only refer a few people every month that purchase you will have extra income generated with no cost to you.

Are You a Business Interested in Becoming an Affiliate?

Why not capitalize on the traffic from your website or business and convert that into revenue? Just a simple link on your website could make you thousands per month with the Human Startups Affiliate program. The beauty of this affiliate relationship is it is effortless on your end. With a simple link or landing page, you gain income month after month. We handle every aspect of the process and you simply get a check at the beginning of the month. It really is that simple. IT is everywhere these days and everyone needs training. Gain passive income without any of the hard work with Human Startups’s Affiliate Program.