Why use HumanStartups?

Imagine if there was a way to find all the researched and backtested investment opportunities that fit all of our investment criteria and be able to buy it “off the shelf”. These investment criteria are (1)  Capital at Risk, (2) Probability of Win, (3)  Average Annual Return On Investment. The world of investing would be a wonderful place. People wouldn’t have to spend endless hours seeking out investment opportunities, and, at the end of the day, be disappointed because there effort ended with losses. Or, sometimes people are just too lazy to do their own research and decide to follow their trusted family member, friends, or neighbor and invest in an opportunity they know nothing about. After using this BLTB (blind leading the blind) investment strategy, they are faced with numerous losses, and end up deciding that the investment game is a sucker’s game. Some people end up considering stock trading to be nothing more than gambling and worse than betting on a lottery ticket.

The truth of the matter is that our laziness or lack of knowledge has hindered us from profiting in the investment world. There are many institutions and individuals around the world that are profiting from this investment game and they all share some common elements. First, these institutions and individual investors have their own research team to help them plow through a mountain of data just to find a few strategies that may show promise. After they find a few prospective strategies, they backtest them to find those with the best potential for profit for a given amount of risk.  Then they allocate small amounts of capital to run the strategies live before taking them full scale. To further mitigate any investment risk, they would implement multiple proven investment strategies at the same time for diversification purposes.

Those who approach the task with this kind of diligence don’t think of investing as a gamble.  They can then become financially independent much quicker and be able to enjoy the true freedom of living their life to the fullest.  Once the trading strategies are in place, they then have the ability to live anywhere in the world and make money.

The above description of how to best approach investing accurately describes what Human Startups, Inc. provides.

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